Protecting materials
Surface finishing
& surface coating

»Surface finishing« is used to improve the surface properties of metals. Following fabrication, the material is free of rust and grease, and the surfaces exhibit the exact roughness needed to ensure proper adhesion of subsequent coatings.

Surface coating primarily aims to protect the material from corrosion. To that end, the metal is protected by means of a thin, transparent layer. Among others, this coating prevents the metal from tarnishing or discoloring at high temperatures. The adhesiveness of the coating on the surface is decisive for the anticorrosive properties.


Surface finishing
at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Our roller conveyor shot blast machine facilitates blasting small and medium components and assemblies up to maximum dimensions of 1,500 x 500 millimeters. In addition, we can manually blast with various abrasives (glass beads, corundum etc.). A deburring machine is available for deburring metal sheets and plates up to 100 millimeters thick and with a maximum width of 1,500 millimeters.

Surface coating
at Härtwig Maschinenbau

We refine the surfaces of components exhibiting lengths up to 6,000 millimeters by means of one or two-component wet coating and powder coating.

further capabilities

Laser cutting
& sawing


and punching

CNC turning
& CNC milling


Tube bending

& marking


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