Refining workpieces
Deburring & marking

Deburring removes the Poisson burrs, rollover burrs, and tear burrs that remain attached to a workpiece, primarily after metal fabrication. Burrs may negatively affect the function of the element within the final product and even cause significant injuries.

The term “deburring” is mostly used in the metalworking industry. Marking the workpieces is also important: Many components need to be marked, regardless of whether the intended marking is the corporate logo, the part number, or a set of symbols for the subsequent assembly. The prevalent methods facilitate tamper-proof marking.


at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Burrs are removed by means of brushing, filing, counterboring, grinding, milling, barrel finishing, thermal deburring, electrochemical deburring, high pressure water jet deburring, abrasive flow machining (AFM), hydro-erosive grinding (HEG), ultrasonic deburring, or cutting processes. Small components are frequently deburred by means of barrel finishing.

at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Different technologies are used for marking the components. Härtwig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG offers marking by means of a dot peen marking machine, a mobile color printer, or labels.

further capabilities

Laser cutting
& sawing


and punching

CNC turning
& CNC milling


Tube bending

Surface finishing
and surface coating


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