Purchasing metal products & leftovers

Being sustainable
One-off parts & products

Whenever materials are processed or cut, high-quality parts that will not be used accrue. Some people refer to them as »leftovers«. As our corporate philosophy includes sustainability, we simply call them »The Best of the Rest«. Here you can purchase these limited one-off designs. Please take a look …

Being involved
Quality items

So-called »leftovers« that we call »The Best of the Rest« accrue during many of our production steps. The material of these parts is of high quality and from our point of view neither waste nor scrap. On the contrary: we transfer these parts to other production cycles by making them available for purchase here. This reduces the ecological footprint of Härtwig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and assists other companies in their materials procurement. We update our database daily. You may purchase these materials. Please use the Inquiry button to that end.


Being creative
Exclusive items

Is it also possible to manufacture entirely different, totally new products at Härtwig Maschinenbau? Our reply: Yes, without a doubt. We offer a modern fishing gaff, a nostalgic bench, and a practical planter – products that were born from experiences and ideas of our employees – for purchase in our shop. For example, the bench aims to recreate the joy we felt sitting in our grandparents’ garden, the planter aspires to impress with size and stability, and the fishing gaff that we developed in-house seeks to improve on the model that our fishermen had to use while open water fishing in Norway. Just take a look …


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