Precise cuts
Laser cutting & sawing

Our core competencies include cutting and sawing in an accurate and precise manner. We can provide you with the cuts that you require by means of our CNC saws. State-of-the-art technology and extensive experience provide the essential foundations for sawing and laser cutting.


Laser cutting
at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Laser cutting is sophisticated processing technology for fabricating dimensionally accurate metal parts. The computer-controlled laser beam simply cuts the desired pattern from steel and other materials – with a cutting speed of up to 140 meters/minute. We have been using CO₂ and fiber laser technologies and processing metal sheets and plates up to 20 millimeters thick in sizes up to maxi format (4,000 x 2,000 millimeters) for many years.

at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Sawing is a proven cutting method for steel bars of different grades. Depending on the requirements, parts can be cut to tightest tolerances without causing hardening at the edges which frequently occurs during thermal cutting methods. As a result, additional heat treatments, e.g., stress annealing or recrystallization annealing, can be omitted. Our CNC saws can cut diameters up to 400 millimeters and maximum profile dimensions of 500 x 300 millimeters. Bevel cuts can be programmed on both sides of the workpiece.

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CNC turning
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Tube bending

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Surface finishing
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