metal sheets
and plates
in the ideal manner

Bending and punching

Many modern industrial designs require processed metal sheets and plates. We offer CNC bending and conventional punching.

Adhering to our quality standards means perfection in every component. It goes without saying that this also applies to our forming activities. Utilizing our CNC bending machines, we can guarantee our customers mark-free bending and always ensure the highest quality of our workpieces.


CNC bending
at Härtwig Maschinenbau

Utilizing state-of-the-art bending machinery with a forming force of up to 320 tons and a maximum bending length of 4,400 millimeters, we offer high-precision bending by means of laser-controlled angle sensor technology. Our dies facilitate mark-free bending.

at Härtwig Maschinenbau

The forming tool consists of a punch and a die with a corresponding opening.

further capabilities


Laser cutting
& sawing


CNC turning
& CNC milling


Tube bending

& marking

Surface finishing
and surface coating


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